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Youth Blue

Team Schedule


Team Practice


Latin Technique




Ballroom Technique


Team Practice


Competition Class or

American Class


Autumn Hawkes

Latin Team Coach


Jenna McShinsky

Ballroom Team Coach

Payments and Fees

Monthly Tuition ($190)

Tuition for the dance season is divided into equal monthly payments and is due on the 10th of each month. Late payments incur a $10 late fee. Tuition includes team practice and technique fees, and varies slightly depending on technique class placement. No refunds will be issued for early termination of enrollment if termination happens mid-month. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, or e-check. To put a payment method on file, use this form.

Studio Membership ($20-40)

Any dancers doing open need a studio practice membership. Membership level is based on how many open styles a dancer is doing. 

Pricing is as follows:

One style - $20/month

Two styles - $30/month

Three styles - $40/month

Enrollment in the competition class(es) for the open style(s) is included with the membership. Submit your partnership information using this form. 

Dancers not doing open will take American Technique which is $25/month.

Volunteer Hours (10 hours)

As a service-focused dance community, each family is required to volunteer hours that help run the program. Service hours are limited to one team per-child, and two children per family. Families may also opt to contribute $10/service hour instead of donating time if preferred. To report volunteer hours completed, use this form

Choreography Fee ($50)

Each team member pays a one-time choreography fee that is due October 10th, 2024. These fees cover the cost of medley choreography and music. 

Performance Workshop (varies)

Each team will be assigned a workshop time during the first weekend in January. The fee is determined by coaching requirements and length of workshop.

Boot Camp ($75)

Bootcamp is mandatory for all team members and will be held July 15-17th, 2024.

Competition Fees 

Required competitions for Youth Gold include Synergy, UDC, Nationals, and EDI. Fees cover team competition fees, coaching fees, and travel and accommodations (Nationals only).

Dancers will also be required to pay additional competition fees for event registration, travel, food, and lodging as necessary. Youth Gold dancers are also required to attend one competition of their choice in the fall.

Costume Fee ($380)

Costume rental fee for the year is split into two equal payments. The first half ($190) is due October 10th, 2024. The second half is due January 3rd, 2025. If the costume fee is paid in full by September 19th, 2024, there is a 5% discount ($361 total). The costume fee is non-refundable.

Concert Video Fee ($30)

We hire a videographer to take a professional digital video of our concert so that all can enjoy that keepsake for years to come. We divide the cost among all of our families (one charge per family, not per dancer). 

Dance Camp ($220)

Dance camp is mandatory for all team members and will be held August 5-8th, 2024.

Clothing Requirements

For classes and practices, dancers wear casual practice clothing that adheres to our dress code. In addition, each dancer must have the required shoes and other attire listed below. All items are available through our in-house retail shop Sparkle City


Required Clothing for Women

  • Team shirt, jacket, & leggings

  • Black syllabus leotard & skirt

  • Nude layering leotard

  • Footed tights & fishnets

  • Flavia Latin shoes

  • ICS Round-Toe Standard shoes


Open Costumes

  • Used costumes are available on our Extreme Dancewear BAND (contact studio for more details). 

  • In addition, a limited selection of costumes are available for rent through our costume department. Contact the studio for more information.

  • Competitors may purchase costumes outside of Extreme Ballroom


Required Clothing for Men

  • Team shirt, jacket, & warm up pants

  • Black compression short & Latin pants

  • White compression & syllabus shirt

  • Black bowtie & dress socks

  • Rumba Latin shoes (Black Calf)

  • ContraPro Standard shoes

Dark Leggings

Dress Code

  • Pants and skirts: warm-up type pants, long shorts, and/or knee length skirts. NO JEANS.

  • Shirts: Athletic fit. Leotards can't have tank/spaghetti straps. Stomach must be covered. Extreme branded sleeveless practice shirt allowed. 


  • No street shoes on studio floor.


Festival of Trees (November 16, 2023)
Eastern Idaho Ballroom Concert (January 27, 2024)
End of Year Showcase (May 2, 2024)

Throughout the year there may be other performances such as half-time shows at basketball games, holiday parties, and community events. 

Extreme Ballroom Company-All photos-50622717928.jpg


Youth Gold 2023-24-All photos-50456828927.jpg

Christmas Classic (December 2, 2023)
Synergy (January 13, 2024)

Nationals at BYU (March 11-16, 2024)
Extreme Dancesport Invitational (April 19-20, 2024)

Youth Blue dancers have two options for individual competition: 1) syllabus in all four styles OR 2) open in at least one foundational style (Latin or Ballroom) AND at least syllabus level in both foundational styles. In addition to the required competitions listed above, youth blue dancers may choose to attend other competitions of their choice in Utah. For information about possible competitions, see


Boot Camp (July 15-17, 2024)
Dance Camp (August 5-8, 2024)
Extra Practices (various Fridays 4:30-7:30)
Performance Workshop (January 5-6, 2024)

Dance Camp ad Picture 2023.jpg

In addition to the regular schedule, youth blue dancers are required to participate in two summer camps, a performance workshop the first weekend in January, and various extra practices throughout the year. The extra practice schedule will be posted in September so that families can plan around those team commitments. 


For individual competition, dancers may either select their own partner(s) or have them assigned. Established partnerships must submit their partnership information by the 2nd week of September using this form. All partnerships will be assigned and solidified by the end of September; after the official partnership list has been posted, any changes must be approved by Staci. Dancers must dance assigned events with assigned partner(s) at all required competitions but may choose any partner for non-required competitions if desired. 


Additional Information about Individual Competition

Private Practice/Lessons

Many of our coaches offer private lessons for students who wish to get further individualized instruction, and frequently coaches from out of state also travel here to teach private lessons. Lesson fees are set by the individual coaches and are split between the partnership. Private lesson coaches pay a $10 fee to the studio per lesson taught, and this fee is part of what the students pay the coach. Dancers who wish to practice on their own may do so with a practice membership (all open dancers are required to have a practice membership). Practice membership forms are here

Competition Levels

Dancers may compete either syllabus or open for a given style. Syllabus competitors wear standardized clothing (black leotard and black skirt for girls, white shirt with black tie and black pants for boys) and learn routines in technique class that are comprised of specific dance steps that are universally recognized. Open competitors wear fancy costumes and take lessons from private coaches to learn more elaborate routines that embellish the basic steps for each style/dance.

Competition Styles





There are two foundational ballroom dance styles and two styles adapted from the foundational styles. Latin is a foundational styles and consists of five dances - cha cha, samba, rumba, paso, and jive. Rhythm is adapted from Latin (also referred to as an "American" style) and consists of American cha cha, American rumba, swing, bolero, and mambo. Ballroom is a foundational style consisting of waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, and quickstep. Smooth (sometimes called "American Smooth") is adapted from ballroom and includes waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz. Syllabus dancers learn one or two dances in each style; open dancers learn between 2-5 dances in each style. 

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