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April 19th-20th 

Madison Junior High, Rexburg ID

Thank you for joining us this year.
We look forward to seeing you again next year!
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Register Now Before the Classes are Full!!


Partnerships must consist of a man and a lady - no same sex partnerships will be allowed. Solo Lady events are available for ladies who do not have a male partner. Solo Lady events are only open to ladies who are not dancing any events with a partner. 

Event Eligibility

Open couples may dance up to three events in any one style (but only 2 events per age category), and couples doing open in a given style may not do syllabus in that same style. Also couples doing open are ineligible for newcomer events but may do "bonus" events as long as they are not competing open in the same style as the bonus event. 

Event Pricing

Solo Ladies Events are $2.50/event

Syllabus Events are $5/event per couple

Open Events are $10/event per couple

Team Entries are $30 per entry

Late Fees

Registration without a late fee is due March 31st, 2024. After March 31st, a $10 late fee per entry form will be added. Late Registration closes April 10th. After April 10th, a $20 late fee per entry will be added and additional entries will only be allowed if no additional heat is created.

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