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Ballroom teacher for over 28 years.

  • 2001 received Professional Latin Certificate for Passing “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Exam” with top rating of “Highly Commended”

  • Taught and Choreographed for numerous Youth and College groups throughout Idaho and Utah including BYU Youth,  American Fork High School,  Center Stage and Dance Attack (Paul Winkelman’s studio).

  • Under her direction, UVU Latin Ballroom Dance Company placed first in the 1999 Blackpool, England Formation Championships with their award winning Michael Jackson Medley!

  • Ballroom Instructor at BYU-Idaho from 2001-2004.

  • Owner, Director, and coach at Extreme Ballroom 2004 to present

Other Biographical Information

  • Alumni of SUU (1986-1988)

  • Drill Mistress of Waukeenyan Dance Team

  • Full Tuition Leadership Scholarship

  • Miss SUU pageants

    • Talent Winner -1986 

    • 4th runner up 1987

  • Lead Singer for local band “Crossfire” while at SUU

  • Graduated from BYU Provo-1994 

  • Bachelors in Secondary Education/History & Dance

  • BYU Ballroom Dance Touring Team

    • Met Tim/Partners for 3 years-Top 3 in Amateur Latin division

    • 1992 British Latin Formation Championship Team BlackPool England

    • Placed 5th in the 1992 World Latin Formation Championships in Vienna, Austria

    • U.S. World Latin Championship Team 1991

Staci Huston
Owner & Director

Professional and Ballroom Experience

  • Graduated from BYU Provo-1994 with BS in Construction Management

  • Member of Award Winning BYU Ballroom Touring Team for 3 years

    • Toured and Performed throughout US and Europe

    • 1992 won British Latin Formation Championships in BlackPool England

    • Placed 5th in the 1992 World Latin Formation Championships in Vienna

    • Latin American partner with Staci for 3 years placing top three in Amateur Latin Division

    • Two Time Theater Arts champion

  • Choreographed many cabaret for ballroom couples and teams

  • First County Western Dance Teacher at BYU Provo

  • Back – Up Tour Team Director – BYU – Idaho for 4 years

Tim Huston
Co-Owner, Coach and "Maintenance Man"
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