Extreme DanceSport Invitaional
We are excited for the 2nd Annual
Extreme DanceSport Invitational 

April 15-16, 2022
Madison Junior High.
134 Madison Ave, Rexburg Idaho

Friday (full day): $9/person
Saturday (full day); $9/person
Ages 4 and under are FREE


**Note: Competitors will need to have an admission ticket in addition to their entry fee. 

Entry Fees and Guidelines

Open couples may dance up to three events in any one style, but couples doing open in a given style may not do syllabus in that same style. Also couples doing open are ineligible for newcomer events. 

Syllabus events are $10 per event per couple. 
Open events are $15 per event per couple.
Team entries are $30 per session.
Registration is Due April 7, 2022
The school has ample parking. There will be meals and concessions available. The school is located within 5 minutes of multiple fast food locations.

DJ Dance Party 2022 pic.jpg
The party will be at our studio 

"A Pirate's Life for Me"
Extreme DanceSport Invitational 2022

Extreme Pirate EDI.jpg

Extreme 2022 Comp Detailed Final Schedule



Some of the times have changed owing to number of entries, but no sections have changed sessions. Use the times on THIS SCHEDULE rather than the Heatlists as this schedule reflects numbers more accurately.


Please note that sections may start up to 30 minutes early so please be ready by that time.




Session 1 – 8am

Youth Pre-Champ Latin 1st Round (C/S/R)

Junior High Newcomer 1st Round (Sw)

Youth Pre-Champ Latin 2nd Round (C/S/R)

Junior High Newcomer Quarter (Sw)

Youth Pre-Champ Latin Quarter (C/S/R)

Junior High Newcomer Semi (Sw)

Youth Pre-Champ Latin Semi (C/S/R)

Junior High Newcomer Final (Sw)

Adult Open Smooth Final (W/T/F/V)

Youth Pre-Champ Latin Final (C/S/R)




Session 2 – 10.00am—Extreme Ballroom Welcome to the Competition Opener/”PLAY”

Semi-Final of Youth Cabaret


Announce Finalists


Session 3 – 11.15am


Youth Swing Showdance

Junior Ballroom Medley

PT Latin Medley

Youth Ballroom Showdance

Pee Wee Showdance

Youth Large Group Showdance






Session 4 – 1:00pm


Pre Teen Showdance

Youth Novelty Showdance

Junior Latin Medley

Pre Teen Ballroom Medley

Youth Latin Showdance




Session 5 – 2:15


Junior High Syllabus Latin First Round (R)

High School Syllabus Latin Quarterfinal (S)

Elementary Syllabus Latin Semifinal (PD)

Junior High Syllabus Latin Quarterfinal (R)

High School Syllabus Latin Semifinal (S)

Elementary Syllabus Latin Final (PD)

Junior High Syllabus Latin Semifinal (R)

Pre-Teen Open Latin Final (C/S/P)

High School Syllabus Latin Final (S)

Junior high Syllabus Latin Final (R)




Session 6 – 3:15pm


Extreme Preteen White Class Swing Semifinal (SW)

High School Newcomer Quarterfinal (SW)

Extreme Preteen White Class Swing Final (SW)

High School Newcomer Semifinal (SW)

Extreme Preteen White Class Cha Cha Semifinal (CC)

High School Newcomer Final (SW)

Extreme Preteen White Class Cha Cha Final (CC)




Session 7 – 3:45pm


High School Syllabus Ballroom 1st round (W)

Junior High Syllabus Ballroom 1st round (QS)

Pee Wee Cha Cha Semifinal (CC)

Elementary Syllabus Ballroom Quarterfinal (QS)

High School Syllabus Ballroom Quarterfinal (W)

Junior High Syllabus Ballroom Quarterfinal (QS)

Pee Wee Cha Cha Final (CC)

Elementary Syllabus Ballroom Semifinal (QS)

High School Syllabus Ballroom Semifinal (W)

Junior High Syllabus Ballroom Semifinal (QS)

Pee Wee Swing Semifinal (Sw)

Elementary Syllabus Ballroom Final (QS)

High School Syllabus Ballroom Final (W)

Junior High Syllabus Ballroom Final (QS)

Pee Wee Swing Final (Sw)

Preteen Open Ballroom Final (W/T/V/F/Q)






Session 8 – 6:00pm

Junior Showdance Section 2

Youth Team Cabaret




Session 9 – 6:45 PM


Junior Pre-champ Ballroom Semifinal (W/T/Q)

Adult Pre-Champ Ballroom Quarterfinal (W/T/Q)

Junior Open Ballroom Semifinal (W/T/V/F/Q)

Adult Pre-Champ Ballroom Semifinal (W/T/Q)

Junior Pre-Champ Ballroom Final (W/T/Q)

Adult Pre-Champ Ballroom Final (W/T/Q)

Junior Open Ballroom Final (W/T/V/F/Q)




Session 10 – 8:00pm


Junior Open Latin Quarterfinal (C/S/R/P/J)

Youth Pre-Champ Smooth Quarterfinal (W/T/F)

Junior Open Latin Semi (C/S/R/P/J)

Youth Pre-Champ Smooth Semi (W/T/F)

Junior Open Latin Final (C/S/R/P/J)

Youth Pre-Champ Smooth Final (W/T/F)

Adult Open Ballroom Final (W/T/V/F/Q)




Good Night!

Detailed Schedule contintued . . .




Session 1 – 8am


Adult Pre-Champ Latin First Round (CC/S/R)

Youth Open Latin Quarterfinal (CC/S/R/P/J)

Adult Pre-Champ Latin Quarterfinal (CC/S/R)

Youth Open Latin Semifinal (CC/S/R/P/J)

Adult Pre-Champ Latin Semifinal (CC/S/R)

Junior Open Rhythm Final (C/R/Sw/M)

Adult Pre-Champ Latin Final (CC/S/R)

Youth Open Latin Final (CC/S/R/P/J)





Session 2 - 9:45


Elementary Newcomer Swing Quarterfinal (Sw)

Youth Open Ballroom Quarterfinal (W/T/Q)

Adult Open Rhythm Final (C/R/Sw/B/M)

Elementary Newcomer Swing Semifinal (Sw)

Adult Novice Ballroom Semifinal (W/Q)

Youth Open Ballroom Semifinal (W/T/V/F/Q)

Elementary Newcomer Swing Final (Sw)

Adult Novice Ballroom Final (W/Q)

Youth Open Ballroom Final (WTVFQ)




Session 3 – 11:15 AM


Youth Standard Medley

Junior Showdance 1

Youth Latin Medley




Session 4 – 12:20pm


Pre-Teen Open American Final

Open Lindy Final

Junior Open Smooth Final




Session 5 – 12:45pm


High School Syllabus Smooth 1st Round (F)

Youth Open Smooth Quarterfinal (W/T/F/V)

Elementary Syllabus Rhythm Quarterfinal (CC)

High School Syllabus Smooth Quarterfinal Round (F)

Youth Open Smooth Semifinal (W/T/F/V)

Elementary Syllabus Rhythm Semifinal (CC)

High School Syllabus Smooth Semifinal (F)

Adult Novice Smooth Semifinal (W/F)

Elementary Syllabus Rhythm Final (CC)

High School Syllabus Smooth Final (F)

Adult Novice Smooth Final (W/F)

Youth Open Smooth Final (W/T/F/V)






Session 6 – 2:45


Youth Cabaret Final




Session 7 – 3:15pm


Adult Novice Latin First Round (CC/S)

High School Syllabus Rhythm 1st Round (CC)

Jr High Syllabus Rhythm 1st Round (CC)

Adult Novice Latin Quarterfinal (C/S)

High School Syllabus Rhythm Quarterfinal (CC)

Jr. High Syllabus Rhythm Quarterfinal (CC)

Adult Novice Latin Semifinal (C/S)

High School Syllabus Rhythm Semi (CC)

Jr. High Syllabus Rhythm Semi (CC)

Adult Novice Latin Final (CC)

High School Syllabus Rhythm Final (CC)

Jr. High Syllabus Rhythm Final (CC)




Session 8 – 4:30pm


Junior High Syllabus Smooth First Round (F)

Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom First Round (W/T/Q)

Elementary Syllabus Smooth Quarterfinal (F)

Junior High Syllabus Smooth Quarterfinal (F)

Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom Quarterfinal (W/T/Q)

Elementary Syllabus Smooth Semifinal (F)

Junior Pre-Champ Smooth Semifinal (W/T/F)

Junior High Syllabus Smooth Semifinal (F)

Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom Semifinal (W/T/Q)

Elementary Syllabus Smooth Final (F)

Junior Pre-Champ Smooth Final (W/T/F)

Junior High Syllabus Smooth Final (F)

Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom Final (W/T/Q)






Session 9 – 6:45pm


Adult Novice Rhythm Final (CC/M)

Youth Pre-Champ Rhythm Final (CC/Sw/B)  

Youth Open Rhythm Final (CC/R/Sw/B/M)  




Session 10 – 7:15pm


Junior Pre-Champ Latin Quarterfinal (C/S/R)

Adult Pre-Champ Smooth Semifinal (W/T/F)

Junior Pre-Champ Latin Semifinal (C/S/R)

Adult Pre-Champ Smooth Final (W/T/F)

Junior Pre-Champ Latin Final (C/S/R)




Session 11 – 7:50pm


Open West Coast Swing

Adult Pre-Champ Rhythm Final (C/R/Sw)

Adult Open Latin Final (C/S/R/P/J)

Adult Cabaret Final





Heading 6