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Disneyland Tour 2022
Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is tour? June 13-19, 2022
  • What is the cost? Total cost will be approximately $1200/person. This amount will be different for family members going because they may not owe for transportation but may owe more for motel depending on how many people are splitting the cost of the room.
  • When are fees due? Dancers pay a non-refundable fee of $200 due in December and then pay an additional $200/month January through May. Family members pay the same $200 deposit and then will be charged the remaining balance in May (save up approximately $1000/person to cover that remaining balance)
  • Can non-dancers ride on the bus instead of finding their own transportation? YES! We have a limited number of seats available on the bus, first come first serve. If you would like one of those seats, please indicate that when you fill out the tour form below. 
  • Do families need to book any of their own hotel rooms? No, unless you are going for additional days before or beyond what Extreme is doing.
  • Where are we staying in Anaheim? Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites.

We will be posting a rough itinerary soon. Meanwhile PLEASE FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM so what we know everyone has read the information. We have also had several requests for additional Disney tickets but need all of that information in one place, so you can include that on the form also. 
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