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Audition Video Instructions

Begin by learning the audition routines. Use the buttons below to access the instructional videos for your level. We also have audition preparation classes that you can take to help you learn these routines.

When you are ready to record your video, begin by stating your name and the routine you will be dancing. You and your partner may both state your names and submit the same video if desired. You should submit one waltz video and one cha cha video (two separate videos). Each video should not be more than 60 seconds long (shorter is fine). Videos must be submitted by Tuesday, June 9th at 11:59 pm. You will submit your video by uploading it to YouTube as an "unlisted" video and then emailing a link to your video to The name of the video should be the dancer's name and the dance (ex. Teagan Gardner Cha Cha) and the description should be the level the dance is (ex. Syllabus American Cha Cha). Please also include the dancer's name, height, and level (ex syllabus international cha cha/waltz) in the email with the video link. Links to instructions for video submissions are found below. 

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