Audition Results

Dear Extremers, 


We really appreciate all of the hard work you all put into this year's audition process.  We know it was a little different, but we felt that you all rose to the occasion and made it happen!! Congratulations to all of you for making a team/and or tech. class in our program!  We are so excited to move into another great year at Extreme!!!


Here are a couple of things to note when looking at these lists:


1. If you don't find your name in your AGE category, look in the one above your age or below.  If you still don't find your name after that, please e-mail us.  All names should be listed here, unless your were privately contacted. 

2. If you made the Youth Gold Team you are required to compete in at least one Open Style at the Pre-Champ level, but highly encouraged to do two.  Those who do not choose either Latin or Standard open to compete in, will be required to compete those in syllabus still. Those who compete open generally excel quicker than those who do not, so it is a good idea to do so.  It is not required that your partner is on your team, but it does make it easier. However, no one needs to change partners if they are not on your team.  If they are working out for you, keep them going by all means!!  

3. You will notice the Youth Blue Team is rather large!  You will also notice that we have 4 spots to fill for boys, to create a 3rd team!  The talent level this year in the girls was exceptionally high, and so we feel we could basically have two Blue-level teams, but need more experienced boys in order to do this. So at this time, we are keeping all on the Blue Team, and will be swapping the girls out, so that they can still all dance. I had to do this the first year Extreme began with my Jr. Gold team because we had 16 great girls, but only 10 boys.  It was a little hard, but actually worked out ok, as we performed frequently. All the girls still learned both the standard and Latin routines and we rotated them for every show. If we can find 4 more, experienced boys, or if some of our boys who are now just on showcase, can show enough improvement over the summer, we will split these groups into 2 blue teams, and have another coach take one of the teams, while Ryan Palmer will still coach the other. We will keep you posted as this changes, and you keep us posted if you find any boys who have enough experience. Also, we are not requiring you guys to compete, but would if we had enough boys for all the girls.  We encourage those of you especially wanting to dance in college, to actively look for open partners that you can practice with outside of class.  

4. We can still take 2 more girls onto Pre-Teen Gold, but have opted to wait over the summer to do another audition for those two spots.  We would hope that kids will work on their skills and try again, but we will open it up to anyone to audition later for those 2 spots. We will keep you updated as to when those auditions will take place. 

5. The judges decisions are final. We have auditions for a reason, and they are over now, and teams have been set.  Please DO NOT call the coaches and question them. Please just try and be positive with your children, and help them to understand that we have great teams here at Extreme, for all levels, and if they continue to work hard and improve, then next year they will have another chance at moving up to a higher level, if that is their goal. 

6. Refunds are not given out to those who choose to quit, now that they have been placed on a team. Refunds are only for those who made tech. only, and were wanting a team. Please make sure you let us know asap if you are one of those so we can issue you a refund!

7. Summer Camps are mandatory!  July 13-16 is Boot Camp and August 3-6 is Dance Camp. Shoe Day will be during Boot Camp. Be sure to have looked at your summer responsibilities sheet and follow what has been given there. 

8. Pee-Wee and Mini Registration is still open and anyone can register their children for those classes, without an audition!  We will simply be dividing them in the fall into Pee-Wee Blue and Gold, with their classes being on the same day to make it easy for everyone!


We love all your children and hope that they will enjoy the teams they have made, keep old friends, and make new ones!!!  


Have a great week, and thank you for all your hard work!!!!


Sincerely, Staci