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Audition Results

Dear Parents and all kids who made the Extreme Ballroom Company for the 2021-22 year,

We appreciate all of you coming out and hope that you had a good experience at tryouts. We think this is going to be another fantastic year! 

First—Unless you simply can’t find your student’s name listed somewhere on this posting, then we ask that you please understand that I cannot and WILL NOT take calls and e-mails regarding the placement of your child in our program, and neither will my TEACHERS or STAFF at this time. Sometimes a Junior who still looks younger, will be moved to a pre-teen team, and vice-versa.  Check all the ages first before you email us with a missing name.  We are all in need of time with our own families now, as it has been, and always is a very busy yearJ  Everyone this year was actually placed on one of our teams!  This is amazing!! We are very proud of all of you!! 

Second—Sadly, we were unable to form a Youth Blue 2 team this year because we simply didn’t have enough boys…We hope this will be a team we can add back into our company in the future.

Third—Many of you are wondering about the Cabaret Team. We will hold tryouts for this later in the summer, but watch for some opportunities for workshops regarding this team soon! 

Fourth--Please remember that we have auditions for a reason:  To place the kids where they need to be.  We have done that now, and I know some of you may disagree, but that is why we have judges, and the decisions are final. Something that I worry about each year at this time, is that we maintain our reputation of fostering good manners and courtesy among parents, students and teachers.  Auditions are a difficult OR joyful time for all.  Many friends who have danced together for some time get moved on to different teams, some make the team they have always wanted, others not.  Please be sensitive to one another and remember once a friend, always a friend.  Thinking you are better than someone else because you made a higher team is a trait that is not welcome at Extreme. On the flipside of that, those who did not make a higher team and talk badly about those who did, is equally not acceptable. DO NOT belittle one another.  It only makes you look weak.

Parents remember, your children will be ok, if YOU are supportive, positive, and encourage your children to be grateful that they get to be a part of a wonderful program, no matter what team they made.  New relationships will be made and much fun awaits all of our students!!

Finally- I just want to thank all of you for your support this year and every year.   So much love and support….I can’t believe it! We would never have been able to pull off a competition without all of you helping and making it spectacular, as well as the concert.   I truly do feel we have a great feeling in our studio, which has been told to me by many coaches who have come here to work with our kids.  They have said that there is just a different feeling here.   I know it is because we have the best kids and families in the world at Extreme and I want to keep it that way!!   Please be sure and read your Summer Responsibilities Page.  It is just around the cornerJ  Thanks and have a GREAT memorial weekend with your families!!  


Sincerely, Staci Huston and all the staff at Extreme Ballroom!

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